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Overview of the current running races

Here you can see an overview of the actual running races on one-loft-race.net.
The race results are generated in realtime. This gives you the possibility to watch the race "live" even if you are not present at the loft.

SANPO National Loft Eastern Cape HyperLink
Rennen: RACE 7
Datum: 2014-10-03 08:15:00 AM
Distanz 560
Basketinglist     Race Result     live Results

Diaz One Loft HyperLink
Rennen: RACE 10
Datum: 03 08 14 07:00:00
Auflassort: GREYTOWN ---------- AUCTION 10/08/2014 from 10H00
Distanz 635
Basketinglist     Race Result     live Results


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